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2G - 3G - 4G or 5G Mobile Broadband Site Survey in Cumbria

A full report of mobile network signal strengths, band information and recommend network provider details, provided in detail.  Helps us identify the type of aerial or transmitter / receiver we need to install for 4G broadband connectivity.  Dual SIM card systems and multi network SIM cards can also be provided.  Cumbria Communications can provide Fixed mobile broadband systems or portable systems and can be built to your specification.


Fibre / Fixed Broadband Survey

We can check your line profile / speed on our database then conduct an onsite location, wiring and connectivity / router and modem check to see if we can improve what you have.


Long or Short Range Wifi Surveys with up to 50 Miles Radius

Cumbria Communications can work out locations and equipment that can be used to beam 1 broadband connection to multiple locations in line of sight. This equipment can be used for broadband connectivity, CCTV to remote locations of your site and even VOIP Telephones.  Generally anything that is connected to a IP / Router can be beamed anywhere in line of sight and can be done up to 50 miles.


Internal or External Wifi Networking for Farms / Events / Business and Residential Premises

Cumbria Communications can plan and map out a professional wifi system for business / school and even residential premises.  From mesh networks to fixed roaming networks.  We can implement multi wifi connections from one transmitter.  One private network can be setup and one guest network.  Cant get wifi in certain parts of the building or you require wifi somewhere where it can't reach?  Cumbria Communications can help.


Full report compiled and sent to you with an estimate of works
If we are accepted for the estimate we provide, this fee will be taken off the price of the works.

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