Does your business need on going computer IT support? We offer a wide range of computer services to ensure your business processes run smooth. From software, Security and even the new GDPR legislation processes. We also provide and install most computer equipment. Why not request a free onsite estimate service? We will come to you and see what you do, and recommend a package deal.

Our IT Support Package Tiers

Business Protect

Our business protect package is our entry-level support package, we will provide an always up to date Managed Antivirus and Malware Package to ensure your PCs are protected from viruses and malware, ensuring you can keep working online safely and without interruption.

Business Protect & Inform

Our protect and inform package includes all the features of our protect package, plus our inform feature – if any problems should arise we will be notified and will contact you detailing our recommended course of action.

In addition to security morning, we will monitor core windows services to ensure your computer is running correctly and performing the tasks that it should be. Our checks include: backup functionality, disk space check, printer spooler check, task scheduler check, windows event logging check, firewall check, physical disk check, security log check, system log check.

We will send a weekly email detailing the checks passed and failed, and if these require immediate action we will email you on the day the check fails.

Business Protect, Inform & Repair

Our most popular package, including all repair labour. Inform, Protect & Repair is our complete support solution, including everything your business needs

Key Features

  • Always up to date Managed Antivirus and Malware Package
  • Managed Windows Updates and Patch Management
  • Unlimited Telephone Support*
  • Unlimited Remote Support*
  • Unlimited Workshop Repairs*
  • Half Price Callout Labour **
  • Alerts sent to Cartcom when problems occur
  • Monitoring and reporting to Cartcom of critical Windows core services
  • 12 Months Contract

With our Protect Inform and Repair package, you will never worry again about the cost of support or repairs to your computer. We aim to keep your computer up and running 99% of the time.

Our monitoring software will alert us of potential problems with your computer. Our team will swiftly look at the alerts and provide support to resolve the problem, before the problem escalates. You will receive weekly emails detailing the faults and problems found, as well as emails regarding resolutions.

Our support desk is available from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and you will be given a priority telephone number, so calls are answered by a technician.

Running 5+ PCs? We can provide a tailored solution for you – please contact us to discuss your potential savings.

Contact Us

If you’ve looking for IT support services in Cumbria, please contact us for a chat your needs and we’ll do our best to provide the perfect solution. Call 01900 838448 or email, we look forward to hearing from you.