We are able to provide a much better range WiFi internally, we can cover wifi black spots within your business, setup wifi Roaming across sites, and allow you to be always connected in your workshop or offices. We also offer guest wifi networks, private networks and voucher code based networks - ideal for Hotels, Guest houses, Business Premises, Farms and any other high usage areas.

Long range and short range wireless networks. Share one broadband connection within the same building or in out buildings. Managed and Unmanaged wifi.

Previous WiFi Network Installation

Previous WiFi Network Installation

Temporary Installation for LIDL, Maryport

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If you've looking for a new Wi-Fi installation Cumbria, please contact us for a chat your needs and we'll do our best to provide the perfect solution. CallĀ 01900 838448 or emailĀ info@cumbriacommunications.co.uk, we look forward to hearing from you.