CCTV, Wireless Broadband and Telephone System Installed in Wigton Cumbria
Threehills Barn Torpenhow, Wigton.

We fitted a full wireless networking system to a farm in Wigton. The farm could not get a decent internet connection, but the bungalow at the top of the property had super fast fibre broadband fitted. The cables to the farm where poor. We beamed the full 80meg broadband from the bungalow to the main farm house. From this connection we fitted multi wifi access points to all of the barns and out buildings.

Using this equipment we also fitted 8 high quality 4MP CCTV cameras, all connected to a remote backup system. This allows the farm to keep an eye on the cattle whilst sitting in the house or viewing it on his mobile phone.

In addition we also installed a VoIP telephone system to each of the barns and houses. Allowing cheaper calls, and a Interactive voice system. The customer can also load an app on his phone which allows him to connect direct to his phone system, to receive and make calls. Calls from VoIP are much lower than a standard phone system.