4g Broadband, Aerial Install with 2 internet Backups.  Load Balancing System. For Mission critical connections or super-fast rural offices or homes

Here we have a 3-internet connection router. We have a standard Fibre Internet connection via the telephone line, a 5-mile wireless internet connection coming from a friends house and a 4g mobile broadband sim card.  Each connection is on a unlimited data package. We have set this up to provide session-based load balancing. Which means, all of the 3 connections are bonded together to provide the customer with super high-speed broadband, upload and down and internet backup.

Setup into a 4 WAN load balancing router.  The 4g Aerial is capable of picking up either 2g, 3g or 4g mobile broadband connections.  The customer is in a very poor mobile broadband signal area, fitting the aerial made sure we could get 4g at an acceptable speed.