4G Broadband system supplied and installed in Caldbeck Cumbria

Customers current internet was only 6MB and was unreliable. We completed an onsite survey first (can be booked here)

We completed an onsite survey and found that we could supply this rural property with a decent 4G network. We fitted a 4G router with 2 managed unifi access points.  We achieved a connection speed at this house of 40mb download and around 20mb upload. Customer purchased their own sim card as they had a discount scheme available to them as they work for the nhs.

Site survey was paid for in advance. Because the customer accepted our estimate, we applied this back to their invoice as credit.


4g Broadband, Aerial Install with 2 internet Backups.  Load Balancing System. For Mission critical connections or super-fast rural offices or homes

Here we have a 3-internet connection router. We have a standard Fibre Internet connection via the telephone line, a 5-mile wireless internet connection coming from a friends house and a 4g mobile broadband sim card.  Each connection is on a unlimited data package. We have set this up to provide session-based load balancing. Which means, all of the 3 connections are bonded together to provide the customer with super high-speed broadband, upload and down and internet backup.

Setup into a 4 WAN load balancing router.  The 4g Aerial is capable of picking up either 2g, 3g or 4g mobile broadband connections.  The customer is in a very poor mobile broadband signal area, fitting the aerial made sure we could get 4g at an acceptable speed.