Pub / Club / Restaurant CCTV System Installed in High Harrington in Workington.

Fitted an 11 camera IP System to a PUB / Restaurant in High Harrington, Workington.  Premises was still open whilst we were fitting the system, keeping customer disruption to a minimum.  Zero mess, hiding all cables as much as we can.  11 IP Cameras fitted back to a 16 Channel NVR system, replacing an old and faulty system.  With remote viewing.

CCTV Install in Maryport. One of Our Budget Systems

Supplied and fitted a CCTV System in Maryport, Cumbria. This is one of our budget CCTV kits. 2MP HD Cameras with recording and mobile phone app. Fitted to a standard 3 bed room residential property. Great little kit.

CCTV Supplied and Installed in Maryport

A, 5 IP Camera system, with a NVR recorder. The cameras are 5MP, providing high quality images back to the Network Video Recorder, connected to the customers TV. The customer can also view the Live Video and the Recordings via his mobile phone or tablet.  Hikvision Branded install.



CCTV Camera Repair Whitehaven

Customer had a Swan CCTV system. The old camera had blown off the wall. Our job was to replace it. Replaced, tested and working fine. Replaced with a Hikvision 2.0mp camera. A VERY cold day to be doing this! Here comes the snow….

6 IP CCTV Camera System Supplied and Installed in Maryport, with Wireless Transmitters to a Residential Property

6x 2MP 1080p HD Cameras fitted with a 30M Infrared Lens fitted to a residential property in Maryport. 4 of the cameras were hardwired directly to the loft space, with the other 2 cameras configured to use point to point wireless networking, to avoid digging up the driveway for cables. Fitted a 8 Channel Network Video Recorder, with remote access to the system via their mobile phones. Also included a hard disk to store at least 1 weeks worth of video from all 6 cameras.

All fitted to a high standard, to avoid cables showing and keeping holes in walls to a minimum.

6 Camera CCTV Installed into a local car Garage in Maryport.

6x 4MP cameras with wide angles to cover all angles of the inside and outside of the garage. Configured to work with the business owners mobile phones, so they can remote view and be alerted of movement when the business is closed.

We supply CCTV in and around Maryport, Cumbria. Click the contact us for a free estimate.

CCTV Supplied and Installed in Dearham.

Remote access to camera from mobile phone and from laptop.

Camera in HD, very clear camera.

With an internal 64GB Storage.


If you would like a free estimate for a camera install please contact us here


CCTV, Wireless Broadband and Telephone System Installed in Wigton Cumbria
Threehills Barn Torpenhow, Wigton.

We fitted a full wireless networking system to a farm in Wigton. The farm could not get a decent internet connection, but the bungalow at the top of the property had super fast fibre broadband fitted. The cables to the farm where poor. We beamed the full 80meg broadband from the bungalow to the main farm house. From this connection we fitted multi wifi access points to all of the barns and out buildings.

Using this equipment we also fitted 8 high quality 4MP CCTV cameras, all connected to a remote backup system. This allows the farm to keep an eye on the cattle whilst sitting in the house or viewing it on his mobile phone.

In addition we also installed a VoIP telephone system to each of the barns and houses. Allowing cheaper calls, and a Interactive voice system. The customer can also load an app on his phone which allows him to connect direct to his phone system, to receive and make calls. Calls from VoIP are much lower than a standard phone system.